dec 2014 - feb 2015


Starrrt is an application that teachers can use to support physical education in primary schools. The Starrrt application includes games that children can play during gym classes. The teacher can filter through games and select the appropriate one or create a new game. Teachers can share their favorite games with other primary schools. It is also possible to let the application pick a random game.

Starrrt is a unique application which teachers love to apply during PE class because it contains the following features:
Automatic team selection: Students can no longer be chosen last.
Time savings: Begin faster with the lesson. No time is lost in game choice anymore!
Explanation: The games comes with game tutorial and teacher instruction.
Statistics: Keep individual statistics of the students, so you can see quickly where the students shine.
Game selection: Time left? Let students choose a game in an original way.
Online game sharing: Share games with other schools, so you always have the most fun and latest games!

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