Food Fight

dec 2015 - feb 2016


Over half of European citizens are dangerously overweight. In a time when good food is cheap and available, this situation is embarrassing, tragic, and inexcusable. Our project will show both children and adults that cooking healthy food is easy and enjoyable, using an interactive and competitive game structure. Our goal is to make a game that is fun and unique enough to distract children from the bright colors and loud characters that advertise unhealthy foods.

Our product is a mobile game application and a professional partnership with participating grocery stores. The application will use the user’s phone camera as a barcode scanner, to collect digital copies of food products. The user will then be able to use recipes to create monsters – the healthier the ingredients, the more powerful the monsters. Players can battle online, trade with friends, and complete quests using their customized monsters.

Food-fight voorbeeld phone overlay

Target groups:
The target group for the product is absolutely younger children, of ages between 5 and 13. We want to help these children form healthy eating habits and an enjoyable form of health visualization. When young kids play Pokémon with their friends, they create an intense social pressure to collect the most powerful creatures. We want to hijack this peer-to-peer relationship for the purposes of healthy eating.

We won the 2016 SpinAwards wildcard with this concept.